Friday, November 3, 2006


Lest I develop Agoraphobia I make an attempt to venture out in public alone with my three little niblets. Today was one such day that I felt uncharacteristically brave.
I had several checks awaiting deposit growing musty in my purse
(my fear of running errands being MUCH greater than my need for pocket money, where would I spend it anyway? at the ice cream truck?)
And seeing it was pretty obvious that our credit union was not going to accomodate my request to put in a drive thru window, I thought I’d better “bite the diaper” and bust a move into the world of the living.
I first stuck my nose out the door….hoping for inclement weather of some sort to give me an excuse to put off the dreaded deed. NOPE, drat the confounded Southern California weather!
I pack the littles in the van along with their bikes as I can’t see putting this much effort into a 10 minute errand, if we are going out let’s do it right and throw in an outing to the park to boot!
We get to the bank, I choose a parking spot as close to the door as possible. The most dangerous moments are those spent loose from the carseats until the destination is reached.
Immediately Seannie begins to scream when he realizes that we are not taking the bikes into the bank. Then I have to convince Stevie that the safest place really IS standing next to his crazy sleep deprived mother. I haul all 25 pounds of Bella and carseat out, scoop Sean under one arm and close the van door with a smooth shimmy type dance step with my left knee. All the while I’m wondering what the yuppies sitting on the patio at Starbucks less than 20 feet away from me are thinking of the free entertainment.
We get into the bank….the squeals of delight coming from my two sons fill the hallowed tile waiting area…all bank business comes to a halt, as everyone thinks that a heist by wild banshees must be taking place. Then we come into their line of vision….a harried middle aged mother touting a large toothless, babbling, kicking baby with her hair standing straight up (mine not Bella’s, she dosen’t have any hair to speak of yet) being followed by a couple of the cutest pint sized distractions you have ever seen.
Wouldn’t you know we would get the most inefficient teller in the place? 3 times I had to leave her window to chase down the boys in some cubicle being inhabited by banker type people who looked less than amused at the interruption from whatever it is they do.
We finally finished our business and got out of there. Stevie left first and found his way OUT of the building before I could get to him. He stopped at the edge of the parking lot….Thank Goodness! I found him there waiting for me with his little hands folded behind his back, rocking back and forth from the balls of his feet to his heels.
When I reached him I said: “Steven Christian! What do you think your doing?” and he replied: “Waiting for you Mama, I don’t wanna get runned over and get my guts out like the doggy we saw on our walk.” Ahhhh that’s my boy!
We did venture out to the park after that, but I’ll save that story for the next entry. Reliving this 15 minutes of insanity has exhausted me!

8:53 pm est


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