Am I Too Old For This?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Old! Old! Old!

Now, some may be offended by this, so try not to take it personally if you are the same age as I am…or older and have a different opinion.
I am WAY to old for pulling all-niters and chasing toddlers. I have never felt this tired in my whole life. Dried up, beat down and wrung out….that’s how it feels to be me.
One or the other I can handle…pulling all niters with an infant OR spending my days chasing monkeys around the house….but BOTH?? How did I end up doing BOTH??
I don’t even bother trying to hide the gray anymore…might as well look like I feel..OLD AND USED UP!
Can you tell I had a rough night? Bella got up more than 10 times!! Not to be fed mind you…that I would find reasonable. She woke up hollering her little Italian lungs out each time she found herself on her belly…she didn’t consider that if she GOT there, she can get herself BACK…no mam, not my little imp, she wants MAMA to do it. So up I get, take a hold of one arm and on leg and flip her onto her back like a rodeo stud readying to hog-tie a calf. Then I stick the binky in her mouth to quiet the protests.
After that fine performance I crawl back into bed and get another 32 minutes of much needed sleep. 5 times we do this same routine, until I just give up, Bella wins and I bring her into bed with me. She nestles against my side with her face near my boobs (the same boobs she REFUSES to nurse from, if you recall) and settles in next to her OLD MAMA for maybe…um an hour or so before she wants a bottle.
I know, I know, this too shall pass!

11:52 am est

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