Saturday, October 28, 2006


Nobody told me it would be like this, having a little girl…my little Bellalicious baby! I love her so much that the late night vigils seem like a gift…extra moments given to cuddle her and smell that smell.
Ryan loves the Bellalicious smell…hates it when it gets washed away with her bath. For a moment the Johnson and Johnson smell overtakes and subdues the Bellalicious smell…but not for long…
MMMmmmm Bellalicious….makes you want to nuzzle her neck, kiss her cheeks and hug her so tight she squeals with delight!
How long does it last? When does it go away? Someday, I know, sooner than I would like…the Bellalicious will be gone, but a distant memory, replaced¬†with an ATTITUDE and a firm desire to be autonomous…..
Ah well for now I’ll enjoy the Bellaliciousness of her….and worry about the rest later.

4:42 pm est

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