Bishop California…Memories

Friday, October 27, 2006Warm Fuzzy Feeling: Bishop California Part 1

Why is it that the most mundane thing can sometimes blast you backward in time? Sometimes it brings back memories that fill you with pleasure, other times it helps you remember something you may rather forget. I had such an experience last week watching a TV show.
The main character of the show was sitting at a bar attempting to catch a buzz, drinking whiskey. While he is drinking the Willie Nelson song entitled “Whiskey River” begins playing…..WHAMMO….feelings of extreme warmth and safety flood over me…why so? Where have I heard this? I never quite considered myself a Willie efficienado (sp?) but all of a sudden I must have it, I MUST!
The song brings back memories of living in Bishop in a tiny little house on Shepard Lane, where my sister and I began our precarious journey through adolescence. Some of the most vivid things I remember about living in that house are:
The stream that babbled through our front yard that lulled you to sleep at night
The pond our family dug in the back yard that was fed by the stream
The 2 ducks (Laverne and Shirley) that grandma and grandpa Plemmons gave us one Easter to swim in our pond
Meeting the best teacher I would ever have: Mr Richard Beach, 6th grade Home Street School
Having my heart break for the first time when Bron Bodie Beach, 2years old, drowned, I still cry for him, and what should have been.
Walking to Manor Market
Seeing what the sky is SUPPOSED to look like at night, and being sure of the presence of God
The Mill Pond on a hot summer day
The Mule Days extravaganza
The Rodeo extravaganza
The many good friends we left behind
Laws Railroad Museum
The lava tubes
Mr. Beach teaching me how to repell of the side of a mountain
Mr. Beach teaching me how to bake enamel on to pennies
Okay…this list is getting WAY to long….”Whiskey river take my mind….”

4:24 pm est

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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