Body Fluids :/

Monday, January 29, 2007

Body Fluids

Years ago when my family lived in Bishop, California I began to think about career choices for myself. Nursing was one possibility. Knowing close to nothing about its implications I became a “candy striper” for the local area hospital.


I didn’t take me long to figure out that nursing was not the profession for me. The sight, smell, heck even the THOUGHT of another humans body fluids grossed me out. So much so that I nearly unveiled some body fluids of my own to go along with theirs! No sense letting my patients have all the fun. “Nope,” I thought, forget nursing. “I’ll be a MOMMY”. Little did I know then that there is little difference between the nursing profession and being a parent; especially in the body fluids department.


Diapers I can handle, even the really disgusting ones. It’s the unexpected eruptions and unexplained occurrences that freak me out. This is precisely what happened this weekend. When you increase the size of your family from 4 to 7 the likelihood of unexpected eruptions and unexplained occurrences increase exponentially.


I won’t go into detail, lest you feel the same as I regarding body functions and fluids. Suffice to say that Bella’s head was spinning ala Linda Blair all day Saturday and Seannie had a nose bleed that sent me into hysterics. This is where Daddy shines. I’m VERY good at the day to day operation of the home and routine. Throw in a head spinning vomit monkey or a gusher of a nose bleed and I run screaming out the door.


Without Daddy here to control the scene we would have escalated to National Emergency status in no time.


Ah well can’t be good at everything.

1:11 pm est


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