Can You Relate? Anyone?

Can you relate? Anyone? Anyone?

Today is Christmas Eve. December 24. I have 2.5 hours until dinner is to be served.  I spent the morning cleaning up after the Holiday Open House we hosted yesterday. Floors to mop, gifts to organize and put away.


Oh my, its 12:30, maybe I can squeeze in a 42 minute nap before I need to shower and pump for the baby, warm the ham, prepare the potatoes, ready the appetizers and wrap gifts for the guests that are coming.


I doze, but don’t really sleep because princess Bella is snoozing next to me and has left me to teeter on 4 inches of mattress. I finally give up and hop in the shower. Seannie starts to squall. I pause mid disrobe to get him out of bed and deposit him in front of the telly when Stevie starts hollering. I swing open the door and tell him to join his brother.


15 minutes left for my shower. I hop in the stall. Only time enough to wash my face, spin around under the jet for a couple of revolutions. Zip zip, I run the razor over the front of my legs (knee down) and under my arms making a mental note to myself to get the rest next time I’m in the shower (hopefully before the week is out).


I get out and dry off quickly and notice that my toenails are in a sorry state. I can’t even recall the last time I have trimmed them. The big toes each have the tiniest remnants of the polish that I received at my last pedicure in June. They are long and grotesque. I glance at the clock, no time to deal with them today…ah well, maybe if I leave them long enough I will qualify for the top spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.


I grab the two gifts that need wrapping from their hiding place. Glancing around the living room I notice a lovely gift bag from a present I have just received. I dump its contents and shove in my own.


2:05 time to pump. The guests are due any minute, I sit down to write down my thoughts while my Medela sucks the life from me yet again.


2:26 and I’m done writing, Hey maybe I have time enough to trim my bangs which are obstructing my field of vision, if I could only remember how the girl at the Cut/Sip and Lube managed to get them straight when she did it 6 months ago.


Got to run and prepare a meal fit for a king, with 3 squalling babies, may hair in my eyes and laundry waiting for my attention….oh yeah, and Santa hasn’t gotten around to wrapping any gifts yet….15 hours left…Merry Christmas.

5:34 pm est


What say you?

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