Casey Turns 18

My baby just celebrated his last birthday as a minor. To mark this auspicious occasion we enjoyed the day in full preschool regalia including a piñata, bounce house and loot bags. Casey feigned embarrassment but was indeed very touched to receive so much attention and love. My sister and her family drove in from Santa Barbara and our dear family friends, the Smith’s were there to help us mark the day.

Casey’s story is still yet to unfold, but his dream now and for the last several years has to become a serviceman. Last night he not only reinforced his determination to become a military man, but informed us that he intends to choose the career of fire-fighter as well. His plan is to enter the armed forces (Coast Guard) and get training and become a fire-fighter while there. Upon completion of his term, he will then move on to Fire Fighting for the L.A.F.D.

Big plans. Big dreams. Not a problem for a man with a heart as big as his.

What say you?

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