Gram Grams Ranch

5:06 pm est

Monday, October 30, 2006

Gram Gram’s Ranch

We went to Gram Gram’s ranch yesterday,
the boys absolutely love it
they romp and play
dirty faces
scraped knees
climbing higher and higher
up up up the hill
heat up the wood stove
chase away the morning chill
so much to do
so much to see
antiques and fossils
trains and birdies
horses and quads
pictures and bunnies
what to touch next?
the shovel?
the books?
where should I go?
what should I do?
the playhouse?
the rockwall?
the flowers?
mmmm the flowers
Seannie sniffing sniffing sniffing
humming birds buzz
bees do too
wind rustles leaves
God is at Gram Gram’s you can feel Him near
the peaceful beauty
the love in the air
the graceful hands
that lovingly prepare
meals for us
and make us feel dear
everything is special at Gram Gram’s
so perfectly placed
pictures of us
lovingly grace
mirrors and walls
sconces and halls
cowboy music plays on and on
paw prints! paw prints!
do you see?
In Gram Gram’s tile floor..1,2,3
Where did she find these wonderful things?
arrowheads and old old books
fossils and rocks
skeletons of animals
paintings of indians
a butter churn?
A grand patio built by Uncle Gary
Lovely rocks placed by Johnny
So many people
So many souls
touched by the beauty
of Gram Gram’s ranch
all of us love it, young and old.

What say you?

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