Holiday Decisions

Friday, November 10, 2006

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I think I mentioned somewhere in my past babblings that every holiday we have to make decisions about where our holidays will be spent and with whom. Well the wondering and waiting became a monster unto itself. This year we have liberated ourselves from this undo holiday stress by deciding to begin a new tradition in our family and stay home for the holidays.
Since we have become so large, this seems a practical solution…now all I have to do is decide what traditions I might like to incorporate from my own childhood and what Kory might like to add and what new ones we might develop together. Here is what I have come up with so far:
traditional holiday menu
Deb’s mince meat squares
Cindy’s chocolate chip pumpkin bread
The story of Thanksgiving read to the kids
Meal time prayer includes what we are thankful for (everyone contributes)
When the kids are grown and have their own families…the annual drawing of the names for gift giving
I can hardly wait to smell the scent of the turkey roasting….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

9:57 am est


What say you?

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