Mama’s Christmas List 2006

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Mama’s Christmas List

Dear Santa,


Here is my Christmas list this year:


1) A full night of sleep

2) 10 extra minutes every 24 hours to fit in a shower

3) Alice, from the “Brady Bunch”

4) If I can’t have Alice, then I’ll take Rosie from “The Jetson’s” along with their

fully automated kitchen.

5) Cab service to pick up the kids from school

6) I would like to trade hair with Sean bon

7) Lose 30 lbs over night

8) Disposable laundry

9) 1 “get out of jail free” card (just in case)

10) Extra set of arms



Also Santa, I want to thank you for all the wishes you granted me last year:

1) Finalized Sean’s adoption

2) Finalized Steve’s adoption

3) Got my baby girl!!!!

4) became a “stay at home mom”

5) Realized my dream of becoming a published writer

6) Casey returned safely from his European tour

7) Ryan enjoyed Rock N Roll summer camp

8) Kory and I enjoyed our 12th year of marriage




10:09 am est


What say you?

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