Maybe I’m Not Doing So Bad After All….

I learned something about myself today, something good. A family friend stopped by the house to pick up her daughter. While we were chatting she mentioned that she thought I am “good with my children”.

It gave me pause to consider that someone might think such a thing, since I’m pretty sure they can hear me all the way to Timbuktu when I’m trying to gain some semblance of control in my home. “Even when you don’t know I’m watching” says she. Oh, this should be rich….I wonder if I should call a lawyer now?

“I saw you in the doctor’s office…singing to your children” she shares. Singing is one of the tactics I use to keep everyone involved, when everything is most likely to unravel. I actually recall that day, I had all three of the little ones and I was trying desperately to keep things at an even keel until we reached the privacy of our van. I saw her, sitting in the waiting room, child free. As I was singing I waved from across the room (stopping mid exit to talk would have is inadvisable with three hungry, tired children under 4).

It gave me comfort to know that even when I feel like my head is about to explode from the pressure of motherhood, outwardly I can still show my children, and the rest of the world, how much I enjoy my life and the people in it. The next time you feel like nothing is going right, that you’ve reached the end of your rope, sing a little tune.

I guess I’m doing okay. Maybe better than okay.

What say you?

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