Ode To Coffee

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ahhhh The Joy of Coffee

Legend has it that the coffee bean was discovered by a wandering goat, escaped from his flock. The young goatherd found him prancing joyously next to a green plant nibbling small red beans. There, in a small village outside of Arabia the love of coffee was born.


The first known abuse of the caffeine drug is said to have been committed by monks in an effort to stay awake for long hours devoted to prayer and meditation. This same misuse of the aromatic beverage is now shared amongst students, housewives, long distant drivers and night shift workers worldwide.


The act of buying, preparing, serving and ingesting coffee has become an obsession by some. The very thought of the next cup brings goose bumps of anticipation to  cultivated business women and has otherwise mature businessmen giggling like school girls in excitement. Coffee establishments have appeared on corners and in mini malls around the country quicker than a lice infestation spreads in an elementary school.


I bring this up because I have been quite slow to join this, the new culture of coffee connoisseurs. I’ve believed coffee to be a somewhat stuffy grown up drink.  A crutch necessary for my grandparents to indulge in and something your parents insist on having in a restaurant long after the novelty of “eating out” has worn off for a ten year old.


My belief that I am too young and energetic to benefit from this magic elixir of immediate energy has been replaced by the realization that I am now 38 years old. Ten years past the age I previously considered ancient. This enlightenment coupled with the late night cuddle sessions with darling Bella has driven me to the early morning carafe.


Glory be! What took me so long? Every morning Kory leaves me ½ a pot of coffee that I guzzle down before the sun peaks over the horizon and BAM! Instant energy. My morning chores are done before 9:00 am, the kids are dressed and dinner is planned. I scoot through the morning with a caffeine induced smile on my face and the children wonder what happened to the “other” mama. The laundry is folded, the bathroom is clean, my early morning writing is out of my head and into the lap top and I’ve actually brushed my teeth and hair and put on deodorant before lunchtime!


Thank you to the naughty little goat for finding and eating the coffee beans. Thank you to the monks that first taught us to abuse the beverage. Thank you most of all to my darling husband who always makes sure I have coffee before the light of day arrives!


You can learn more about coffee at: http://researchcoffee.org if you are so inclined.





12:02 pm est


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