Ode to the Breast Pump

Friday, October 20, 2006

Da Pump

The swishhhhh of my Medela
The splashhhh of Bella’s milk
ode to the breast pump I tell ya….whatta lotta bunk!
A strong willed child, my girl
refuses to nurse she does
unwilling to ingest formula
turns up her darling nose
expects her Mama to milk like a cow
day and nite I don’t know how
to continue this six more months
what do I do now?
I haven’t slept the night thru
in almost 7 months
4 pumps a day in order to feed
my sweet girl who refuses to chew
completely happy tho my nipples are blue!
Da Pump is our friend
Da Pump keeps us going
I sleep at Da pump with its pumping and humming
I must truly have lost it
As I have spent now
15 minutes of my time…
being milked like a cow!

What say you?

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