One of Those Days

Friday, December 1, 2006

One of Those Days

Lest you get the wrong impression and believe that life at home is all peaches and roses and that my children came equipped with permanent halos attached to their sweet little heads, I thought I’d better give you a glimpse into an “off” day in the Peterson Posse household.


Most days I’m greeted with gurgles, giggles and smiles when I rise. Yesterday however, the screeches of anguish from all three of the littles that brought me from my slumber made my hair stand on end. WHAT could possibly have disturbed my babies so much that they had to begin the day with that horrifying racket?


Bella is easy….you “flip” her from her belly (which she hates) onto her back using the good ole’ rodeo calf tying maneuver I shared with you previously, and pop her nuk back in her mouth. She gives me a big grin through the plastic pacifier and happily begins batting at the crib mobile. Off I run to the boys’ room to see who set whom on fire.

Both of them are running around naked having done away with their blanket sleepers (and I was soooo delighted when they had mastered zippers several months agoL) and donned their urine soaked diapers screeching like warriors moving in for the kill.


That is how the day started and went downhill from there. Nobody was happy for more than 5 minutes. Breakfast found the floor before hitting anyone’s stomach, Sean’s speech therapist cancelled but not with enough notice that I could take the kids on an outing, I forgot to take some meat out for dinner, I didn’t TiVo Survivor so I missed the first 15 minutes, and I finally made it into the shower at 7:55 pm.


So life at home, yesterday anyway, was lima beans and weeds as opposed to peaches and roses. Life of course, is how you perceive it, good days, bad days. If you look close enough you will find some good in the bad….upon closer inspection of yesterday, here is the good I found:


  • Kisses and cuddling with my babies
  • Ryan cooking a delicious dinner when he found Mama too unraveled to pull anything together
  • Daddy coming home
  • Daddy’s warm hug when he came home
  • Reading a new book to my baby boys
  • Auntie Shell coming over with popcorn and a movie for the baby boys
  • The warm shower at 7:55 pm
  • Watching the remaining 45 minutes of Survivor with Ry and Daddy
  • Settling into a warm bed, knowing that all of my children were safely tucked away for the night


Thank you God for “one of those days” I love my life!




10:58 am est


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