Sean’ Birthmom

We spent the day with Sean’s birthmom this weekend. Although we stay in contact via email, and I send her pictures on mother’s day and Christmas every year….we haven’t visited with her since Dec of 2004 when Sean was just a few months old. The lapse in visits wasn’t intentional….we are very busy and so is she. Melissa is very active in sports, she plays tennis, basketball, floor hockey and softball for the Special Olympics. She is also on the council for the Special Olympics that helps develop programs for children. Her sports, in combination with her full-time job added to OUR hectic life doesn’t make for very easy scheduling….but it worked out this time, and I’m OH so glad it did!!!She was as sweet as ever, more beautiful than I remembered and a pleasure to be with. Sean of course…couldn’t care less…he was too busy exploring the beach :). I was worried that Melissa’s feelings would be hurt…if she expected him to be interested in her, but she was quick to reassure me: “It’s okay Cindy, he’s only three years old…..I just want to see him”. When I dropped her off at her apartment, after the wonderful day at the beach she said “thank you for sharing him with me…..I love you”. Of course, I started to weep and said….”No Melissa, thank YOU for sharing him with US”. I can’t wait to see her again.

What say you?

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