Stupid Hallmark Holidays!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hallmark Holidays

Stupid Hallmark Holidays! Why do “they” think that we need to be reminded, even TOLD that we should be commemorating our love with a $6.00 card and some flowers? If you truly love someone shouldn’t you be showing it daily in small, considerate ways? Who sat down and determined that the best way to make a buck…millions of them in fact, was to induce guilt and necessity in the form of commercialized amore’? Let me give you a tip….those of us that would be wooed by flowers, candy, cards and any number of sparkly gifts would be even more enamored to receive SPONTANEOUS acts of love and kindness when it is least expected. Anyone can remember to deliver the goods when the ads, commercials and billboards are screaming at you for weeks on end that “diamonds are forever” and you “care enough to send the very best”. Somewhere deep in the recesses of your heart, if you listen closely enough, you will hear the soft whisper of your own internal “love” radar. Is there someone in your life that needs attention? Someone who is sad and lonely? Someone who puts all others before themselves? Make an effort on your own accord. That will impress ’em.

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