Superbowl Parties, Now and Then (2007)

Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Parties….Now and Then

Our Super Bowl parties have certainly changed over the years. In days of yore it was the one big bash Kory would throw when he was a bachelor. When I came into the picture the partying continued and grew with the addition of my friends and family.

Kegs of beer, gumbo being prepared in the front yard and numerous football pools were the norm and to be expected.


As our family expanded the parties diminished in size. The need to recreate by inviting people to the house has ended. When you have as many people living here as we do it’s like having a party everyday, 24/7. The people that join us now for the game are those who would be here anyway, because they love us and enjoy the children. The football game just happens to go on in the background; the main draw is the joy, laughter and excitement the children provide.


The food has changed too. No more gumbo. Instead we enjoy weenies wrapped in crescent rolls and bbq meatballs. We still have beer, but a 30 pack lasts 6 months. The vomiting continues, but instead of being alcohol induced it is caused by incessant spinning, overeating, the lack of burping and choking. Okay, maybe the vomiting hasn’t changed much, but it’s easier to clean up when it’s one of your babies doing it rather than a grown man!


I’m sure after the kids are grown we’ll pick up the parties where we left off, or maybe not. Maybe we’ll be enjoying the Superbowl in one of the homes of our many children!

Ahhhhh…life is good…..GO BUCS!

10:22 am est

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