The Best Santa Barbara Has to Offer

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Best Santa Barbara has to Offer

Mama and Bella had a “get away weekend”. Daddy and the boys sent them toSanta Barbara for rest and relaxation. Not just any old place in SB. The best SB has to offer.

The accommodations were clean, quiet and beautiful. The food was delicious and the conversation both enchanting and entertaining.


Mama was pampered and preened over. She wasn’t allowed to cook or clean-up a thing. After a delicious dinner at the “Outback Steakhouse” (which the hostess insisted on paying for) Mama was given royal treatment with a footbath and pedicure.

A crib with the finest linens was available for Bella. She was spoiled and cooed over; an abundance of delightful toys at her disposal.


The establishment is one we frequented often when we were finalizing the details of Seannie’s adoption and awaiting his birth. Even at that time the hospitality was unequaled. Babysitting and laundry services were offered, as well as encouragement and support. We began to see it as our “home away from home”.  Peterson Posse North. After Sean’s release from the hospital we would return from time to time. We missed the love, warmth and fun we had come to enjoy immensely.


It was with eager anticipation Bella and I arrived Saturday morning. It was with a heavy heart we left on Sunday. I would love to share with you the details of “The Best Santa Barbara has to Offer”, to give you the phone number, address and directions. But I’m afraid that information is private, inscribed deep within the recesses of my heart.


To my dear sister and her wonderful family…..Thank you. For making me feel like I never left home. For always welcoming me back and for reminding me what it feels like to be babied.


All my love forever,



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