The Holidays are Upon Us…Bring ’em On!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The Holidays are Upon Us….Bring ’em On!

So…. Halloweenie went well! Thank goodness for the quick, cute and easy costumes you can purchase these days for a reasonable price. When we were kids it seemed we spent considerable amounts of time preparing for the great adventure known as “trick or treating”.
One year stands out imparticular. I dressed as a ho-bo. My sister…I’m not sure, probably something cute, sparkly and princessy.
My mom must have spent days finding just the right hat, it was kind of a derby looking thing and my makeup was perfect! Beard stubble, mustache, darkened areas under my eyes from apparent lack of sleep,probably due to late night train car hopping. Those were the days….homemade costumes…
I love the holidays…always have, starting with Halloween and ending on New Years! How awesome is that? 3 months packed with love, food and fun. This year will be especially poignant for us because it will be the first year we are together as a complete family (unless God has more suprises in store for us) Daddy, Mama, Casey, Ryan, Steven, Sean and Bella…all together. The family we have been praying for and longing to have for 10 years. Praise God!
Because the Peterson Posse has grown so large, we are planning on spending the holidays here at home, enjoying eachother and the special talents and God given gifts each adds to our family. You will find us here building new traditions that hopefully each child will come to love and treasure.
To be announced will be a date where we will host an “Open House” during the month of December where one and all will be welcome to join us in our merriment and to help add to the loving storehouse of memories we are helping our children build.


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