The Lost Art of Mothering

Thursday, November 9, 2006The Lost Art of Mothering

The way our society devalues women and their work in the home has and will continue to make a lasting negative impact on the future well being on our nation as a whole.
From nursing in public to the very private running of our homes, we are doing the most important job there is…growing and nurturing human beings, the future generations, those that will be running our country when we reach old age.
To take that for granted, to assume that others could raise and love our children as we would, is naive. To devalue the woman and in turn her family who chooses to sacrifice in order to mother her own child is a mistake.
Mothering is becoming a lost art in our society where the pursuit of the almighty dollar takes precedence. In order for the US to become a place where life is valued, morals are held in esteem and loving ones neighbor as ourselves brought to importance, we must begin at home by showing our children that THEY are more important than the new car, the bigger house, the exotic vacations etc. etc.
We show them this by BEING PRESENT.
Find a mother struggling to make a difference in the future of her family, in YOUR future by mothering the next generation upon whom you will be dependent and offer her encouragement, love and support, for choosing a career that entails 24/7 service without breaks, bonuses, promotional opportunities, appreciation days, fancy lunches, sick days, vacation days or Holiday parties.
Believe me, she’ll appreciate it.
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