The Seasons of Life

Much has been said lately about being in a certain “season” of my life. Hmmmm…a “season” eh? And what season am I in? I believe they are referring to the state of my family in that the children are very young and that fact limits my availability for certain activities. Fair enough, but I prefer to think of the “seasons” of my life as periods of time, broken up into 20 year increments, which would put me then in the last 6 months of my “summer” season. Consider this:

From birth to age 20 you are coming into existence, growing towards the sun and every experience is fresh and new.

From 21 to 40 you have begun to live the life you have chosen. Whether a parent, business mogul, home-maker, professional student or gas station attendant you are busy chasing the almighty dollar and creating a stable environment for yourself and your family.
41 to 60 sees you in the fall of your life. Where things that used to be “up” are definitely on their way “down”. You are still beautiful but the beauty is a more mature, experienced beauty. You no longer concern yourself with monetary concerns and begin to enjoy your life and the adult you have finally become.

The winter season ushers in at 61. From now until the end of your life you are in a state of suspended, serene adornment. Consider a clear January evening with softly falling snowflakes.

You turn your face towards the falling snow, close your eyes and heave a deep, contented sigh. The time behind you has been well spent. You can look back with fond memories and no regrets.

That is how I see the seasons of life, each with their joys and sorrows, accomplishments and disappointments. Not to be feared or avoided but welcomed with open arms. The seasons will change with or without your cooperation, plan to enjoy everything each offers and learn to live in the moment!

What say you?

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