The Things I Love Most

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Things I Love Most

I answered a question for my local MOMS group (I’m “Mom of the Month” 🙂 the question was: what is your favorite place for a girls get away? After some careful thought I realized….I didn’t want a “get away” my favorite place is with my husband and children…they are my best friends, I have yet to find someone who is as smart, funny and loving as they are…and they make me feel like the most important person on earth to boot! Who could ask for more than that? I have my own little cheering section, a little fanclub. Everywhere I go….from the bathroom to the doctor’s office my entourage follows me, lovingly offering support and encouragement and the incentive to put one foot in front of the other.
Casey, when he was about 4 years old, once asked me: “Mama, would you rather be a squirrel or a tree?” At the time, I thought the question was quite funny. I never did answer him, I’ve been giving both the question and my answer careful consideration. Every few years we revisit the conversation we had that day in the car 11 years ago and Case will remind me that he is still waiting for my answer.
I finally think I have one. A tree, I’d definetly rather be a tree. A mighty Redwood with roots firmly planted in terra firma, my long, strong branches reaching towards heaven. The tree represents strength, longevity; its roots the love and commitment I have for my family and its branches reaching high in the sky remind me of my desire to seek and follow God. So to answer your question Case,: a tree my son, I would rather be a tree.Autumn leaves

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