What are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and each of us will probably be asked to give account for the things we are most thankful for. Most will answer with such niceties as: “I’m thankful for my health”, “I’m thankful for my family”, or the ever-common “I’m thankful that the bill collector’s laid off” you know, the usual holiday drivel. I for one intend to set my family on their collective ear by offering something a little less expected, a little less mundane, if you will. For example, as a mother of five I am quite thankful that most of my children have learned how to anticipate the ill effects of the stomach flu.

We still have a few stragglers in this area of development but the oldest 3 know how to get themselves to the bathroom quickly. This milestone has saved me time and our family money normally spent on cleaning products.

Since my three youngest children are apparently striving for the Guinness Book of World’s Record for dietary repetitiveness, I’m also very thankful that my husband is perfectly happy to eat macaroni and cheese or hotdogs for weeks on end.

In addition, I give thanks that Stevie is now fully toilet-trained (only two more to go!) and that two of the three babies are able to get in and out of their car seats practically unassisted!

Lest you think me petty and insincere, I am also quite thankful for my health, my family and if I had bill collectors I’m sure I would be thankful if they gave it a rest in the name of holiday cheer. Oh yes, and I pray for world peace, daily.

My challenge to you this holiday season dear reader, is to put some thought into your answer long before the question is asked. Give your family and friends a chuckle or a surprise, give them a little more than they bargained for when they pop the question “And what is it that you are thankful for this year?”

What say you?

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