You Know its Going to be a Bad Day When……

A Mother’s Top Ten “You Know it is Gonna be a Bad Day When You wake to Find:

a naked toddler in his bed
a naked toddler in YOUR bed
the car is not in the driveway where you parked it the night before
your teenager is up before you, starting a science fair project due that day
the toilet is overflowing (and you suspect Hot Wheels to be the culprit)
there’s a rat floating in the pool
there’s a rat floating in the toilet
you fell asleep prior to rinsing the tint out of your hair
you wake up and see the color of your hair
there is nary a drop of coffee to be had

Ah well….they can’t all be good days, but on a positive note, things are never boring when you have children in the house. Life is full of perceptions and whether a day is going to be “good” or “bad” is all in how a person perceives it to be.

For Christmas my mom gave me a very, very large coffee mug that says “Good Morning” on it. I LOVE it. Next to the “mother’s” ring and bracelet I received this year (yes, Valley Mom had a very nice Christmas this year) it was my favorite gift. Why, might you ask, would a coffee mug be a favorite gift when you have a cupboard full of them? It is one of my favorites this year for two reasons. First because it tells me that my mom is thinking of me and my family everyday and secondly it serves to remind me that any day has the potential of being a good day, no matter what you may find floating in your toilet.

What say you?

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