Yuck and a Mini Update

There are times when the words come freely and easily, other times not so much. We have been sick here at the Peterson household. The season of Yucks has been making its rounds through our home. As soon as one person is well the next gets the bug and so on. By the time the germ has traveled through each of our seven bodies a new invader rears its ugly head and we start all over again.

Of course, as a parent of small children being ill means nothing. No one comes over to pick up the slack if you nap or take time to get well. It’s amazing we recover at all. Life goes on at break neck speed; you can either keep up or get drug along by your heels. My choice is to keep up the best I can…it’s easier on the ole epidermis.

Steven and Sean have started gymnastics at Gymnastics Olympia USA which is very exciting. Ryan continues to enjoy playing the guitar and is looking forward to the 8th grade trip to Washington DC this spring. Casey is preparing for a summer hike in the Sierra Nevada’s with a group from Hillcrest and looks forward to his senior year at HCS. Bella Boo is as enchanting as ever and amazes us every day with each new accomplishment.

What say you?

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