10 Years of Prayer

10 Years of Prayer

 The Valley Mom On: 10 Years of Prayer

I bent over Bella’s crib yesterday to lift her out after her nap. As I gazed into her beautiful sleepy face I experienced a searing twinge. Not a nice twinge mind you, the kind that warms your heart and brings a tear to your eye as you gaze in wonder at your fifth child and only daughter, but a twinge that shoots through your spine, down the length of your leg and nearly brings you to your knees.  I stumbled backward onto my bed (read Bella is STILL in the room with us) and landed flat on my back. Not the most graceful of circumstances to begin with, even less so while juggling a 26 pound toddler who is desperately clinging to your hair for dear life.

Landing with a firm bounce and a loud “OOOfff” brought forth thunderous applause and screeches of pleasure from my two little boys. I looked around at the happy miniature faces and woefully considered “how did I get here, I am WAY too old for this”.  At 39 I’d hoped that my diaper changing days and late night vigils with a colicky baby would have been long past. As I have been hard pressed to learn God’s perfect plans for me and my perfect plans for myself are usually totally different.

10 years ago I wanted a baby and actively worked to obtain one. God spent those same 10 years refining me. He eventually saw fit to bless me with not one baby, but three in less than 20 months. Blessings for sure, exhausting nonetheless. My body is worn, my heart well seasoned and my free time nonexistent but my house is full. Exactly what I’d hoped for 10 years after I’d first prayed for it.

I may be old and beat up, I may have less energy and more gray hair but I have the perfect family for me.  I love my life twinges and all, those in my heart, those in my body and those that often share my bed with sweaty curls and sticky fingers.

What say you?

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