Coming Home 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gram Gram Will be Home Soon

I don’t know if everyone has been aware or not, but Kory and I have been flying solo for the past month. Our cheerleader and #1 backup parent, my mom, has been in Costa Rica for the past month.
While day to day routines have not been affected, I am beginning to feel exhausted without the weekly breaks my mom so generously and lovingly offers us.
Without complaint and always with a smile she swoops in and takes over as preschool entertainment chairwoman. When the children are sleeping she is busily completing projects she’s started around our house, preparing a meal, mopping floors, any number of things that she thinks will make my life easier.
I’m glad she had the opportunity to get away and rest. It seems she retired from one job (LADWP) and jumped directly into another (Gram Gram/Nanny/Housekeeper/Cook) and this new job is much more demanding than Director of Corporate Purchasing ever was. The pay stinks too.
Well mom, I’m glad you had a chance to “get away” and I’m even more happy that you are now on your way home!
We love you and missed you VERY MUCH!

7:47 pm est


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