Happy Birthday to Me: What I Learned This Year (2007)



Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me: What I Learned This Year

 1)      Dreams do come true

2)      Little girls ARE made of sugar and spice and everything nice

3)      My husband is a fantastic Daddy

4)      Babies do grow up and move away

5)      God prepares you for #4 long before it happens

6)      There are a lot of things more important than a clean house

7)      Visiting your granny boosts your spirits

8)      Little boys love hunting for bugs

9)      Just because you don’t say much doesn’t mean you have nothing to contribute

10)   My Sean is as smart as they come

11)  The sweetest place on a baby girl is the nape of her neck, right below her curls

12)   Steve has more energy than any living thing on earth

13)   Writing sets the soul free

14)   Preteen boys are……unique

15)   Watching a silly movie with your family makes the toughest day seem fantastic

16)   Smiles from a toddler are priceless

17)   Nothing is sweeter than a kiss unsolicited

18)   Children are life’s greatest challenge and its dearest reward

19)   Marriage isn’t easy, but its worth the effort

20)   Being married to your best friend is the secret to a happy marriage

21)   Dancing with a two year old is exhilarating

22)   Nothing is cuter than a fat baby girl in a pink bathing suit

23)   My mother is willing to put her life on hold to make mine a little easier

24)   Ryan is a FANTASTIC big brother

25)   Nobody messes with nap time….ever

26)   Casey has an awesome head of hair

27)   God never gives you more than you can handle

28)   When you feel you can’t handle life…turn to God

29)   Some lessons are harder to learn than others

30)   My family is everything I ever dreamed of and more than I could have hoped for

11:13 pm est

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