Letter to My 14 Year Old Self


Look around you….what do you see? The beauty and majesty of Bishop California surrounds you. Do you appreciate it? Do the Sierra Nevada’s give you a sense of awe? They should, you take for granted a life of beauty and serenity and you shouldn’t, for soon it will all be gone. You’ll spend most of your 40’s attempting to recapture the feeling of peace and beauty you have now. These things will come to past and there is nothing you can do to change them.

Next year your beloved Bron, whom you babysit will drown in his families backyard pond at the age of 2. His father, your sixth grade teacher whom you adore, will die in a horrible dune buggy accident several years later. Take the time today to share with them what they mean to you. The loss of these two dear ones will forever weigh on your heart, don’t dismiss this admonishment lightly, as some adolescents are prone to do.

The boyfriend whom you have given your heart, will betray your trust and hurt you so deeply that a wall is built around your soul making it difficult to love fully again. Don’t place trust in someone too immature to appreciate it.

The person you call your best friend will play a part in this betrayal. Use better judgement when choosing your friends. Remember that the ‘best indicator of future behavior is past behavior’ according to Dr. Phil McGraw

Your parents will divorce in the next two years and you will move, never to live in the serenity of the Owens Valley again, though you will desire to do so for the remainder of your days.

In short life as you know it is soon to change so drastically that the impact will be indelibly etched in your soul, rendering your ability to have deep, meaningful relationships difficult.

Never take for granted what you have now, for it is soon lost.

What say you?

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