My Life is Like Ground Hog Day? I Love it Anyway 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ground Hog Day? I Love it Anyway

Being a stay at home mom is like the movie “Ground Hog” day with Bill Murray. You wake up to the same old people same old routine every day. You could change the routine, shake things up a little and brush your teeth AFTER you’ve had your coffee, but that kind of excitement might kick the earth off its axis.

Wake up, change kids, feed kids, change kids, feed kids, put kids down for nap, fold laundry, change kids, feed kids, bath kids, read to kids and put kids to bed. This might sound simple or even dare I say easy but it is far from either. You have to remember that this routine is multiplied times three at our house and in between all those diaper changes and feeding sessions I have to: break up fights, clean up thrown food, clean pee off the toilet seat 500 times, pull children off the curtains, turn overturned furniture right side up, facilitate therapy appointments and maintain an atmosphere of relative calm lest I appear completely insane.

Easy, I should say not. Easy would be going to work each day after dropping the kids off at a sitter. At least I would get scheduled breaks and a quiet lunch hour and some other poor soul would be doing ¾ of my changing/feeding/refereeing duties.

“Oh, but you wouldn’t have wanted to miss it!” beg pardon? Miss WHAT!? I’m so exhausted I can’t recall what happened yesterday let alone the first step, first word, first tooth or first solid poop of any one of my five children. In theory having ONE child while you are a stay at home mom would allow you to savor and videotape each exciting milestone in said child’s life, but when you have three little ones you are too busy preventing serious injury to life and limb to take notice or pictures.

As busy as I am there are bright moments that stand out like shiny new pennies sprinkled throughout each day. They are so distinct and brief that I can easily share each one with you. When I pick up Steven from preschool and his face lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees me as he runs towards me full Stevie speed ahead and hugs me tight when we meet.

Bath time is another highlight; the children are contained, smiling and fresh. We sing happy songs and play “this little piggy”. When I dry them I hold them close and press their damp curls against my cheek in an effort to imprint the moment on my heart and in my mind forever.

Story time is another fave of mine. The children still smell fresh from their bath; they cuddle expectantly on my lap ready to be whisked to some imaginary destination filled with fairies, superheroes and magic talking trains.

Lastly, when they are all tucked away in their beds, their long lashes dusting their firm, chubby cheeks and their quiet even breaths breaking the evening silence I sigh a heavy sigh and thank God for each moment I am given in the presence of my children. As difficult assignment as it is, it’s the only one I want.

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3 responses to “My Life is Like Ground Hog Day? I Love it Anyway 2007”

  1. I love this post! I wonder what it will be like for kids if they grow up with parents who blog- will they find these entries? I feel like I would want to if my mom had a blog, but I can’t tell! It will be so interesting; entries like this make me hope that some kids look back and are like “aw, my mom was a superhero!”


    1. Thank you Jennifer! I hope my kids find my posts, I am considering printing out hard copies to keep in a journal.


      1. That’s not a bad idea!


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