The Little Stinker Can Crawl! (2007)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

So the Little Stinker CAN Crawl!

Belly Jean up until a few days ago has been getting around quite effectively by skooching around on her fat little behind using her legs as oars. She swings both legs over to one side, propels herself forward, then swings them to the other side and repeats the process until she reaches her chosen destination.

I thought for a time that this was going to continue to be her mode of choice until she decides to walk. Two days ago however, I caught her testing the effectiveness of using her hands and knees to get around. Once she caught me peeking, she reverted to the skooching.

It would not matter much to me if she does not choose to crawl. Some babies never do. The “experts” do not quantify crawling as a developmental milestone any longer. The skooching does have its drawbacks though.

Bella is systematically wearing the seat out of every pair of pants she owns. A tushy can only take so much wear and tear; my little imp is busy trying to keep up with her four older brothers so her drawers are threadbare.

Skooching also draws more attention to my little tribe than we already get. Most people have never seen a baby get around in the fashion that Bella does. I have, but generally they are people without the use of their lower limbs.

Will she abandon the skooching entirely in favor of crawling? Will she launch directly into walking? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, she looks darn cute in the Easter bonnet Auntie Shell bought her, so does Seannie.

What say you?

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