Why Blog?


Have you ever considered why we blog? What is the insistent nagging in our heads to get our thoughts “out there”? Do people really care what we are thinking, what advice we have or experiences we’ve encountered?

Are we so self-absorbed and narcissistic that we can’t keep our thoughts to ourselves? To what gain do we share them?

I seem to have an almost compulsive desire to write. I write my musings, my experiences, my opinion, my desires, my dreams. Considerations of my past. Who reads them? Why do they read them and what do they glean from my work?

Some think its dangerous to reveal oneself in such an intimate manner with “strangers”. Strangers are more dangerous than fiction eh?

I’m rambling this evening….these thoughts and questions flooded me as I gazed at the stars in the Southern California skies. We are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things…..who cares what we have to say?

What say you?

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