You know what they say about opinions….I have chosen to stay out of the political battle waging war on blogs and social networks. I find it exhausting, exasperating even. If they were well thought out arguments for or against something based on facts as opposed to feelings I may have been interested, but sadly it was an emotional rampage based on appearances and half-truths.

It is what it is people! Those who had hoped for normalcy since the counts were tallied are sorely disappointed in the continuing saga that openly continues. Let it go, all the whining and complaining in the world isn’t going to change a thing. Especially those of you who seem surprised or betrayed by your “friends” that dare comment on your posts if they are of differing opinions than yours.

Let me tell you about openly expressing your feelings in a public forum. You are ASKING people to respond simply by putting your thoughts out there. Why is it then that you express anger at their comments? Can’t thoughtful intelligent people discuss things rationally? Is everything a personal attack on you or your belief system?

This is still the best country on earth and as long as we work together it will continue to be so.

Now…Survivor is on and I will turn my attention to some really important voting!

What say you?

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