I Strongly Dislike

I don’t like the word “hate”. Not because I don’t hate anything but I strongly dislike using it because it seems….well..so hateful. That being said let me share a few things I strongly dislike.

1) the wind. I understand it has its attributes but it makes me sneeze like a freak…..sometimes 10 in a row. As if I had any interest in the Guinness book of world records for sneezing Pffffftt.

2) incessant sneezing which causes my snotbox to run like a faucet which in turn reduces my nasal area to a raw,red mess. See above for incessant sneezing causes.

3) dead MacBooks. Which then requires me to blog from my iPhone. Which in turn results in no images for YOU because I’m too frustrated to investigate the ins and outs of retrieving images from the phone and posting them to the blog. And really who wants to see a pic of a snotty, runny nose anyway?

4) Shared family desktop computers. The j and k keys are stuck together, from syrup I surmise and the mouse smells like sweat and apple juice. Nuff said. Not using it.

So in conclusion, unless and until my Mac is repaired my prolific words will be few and far between.

What say you?

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