I Found the Muse!! You’ll Never Guess Where She Was Hiding!!


A busy Starbucks has got to be one of the strangest places in the world. Now, I’ve been to Starbucks before, this particular one as well, while my son is across the street at a Dr. Appt.  I often come here because it is quiet, I can concentrate on my work or crochet, I have a nice Skinny Vanilla Latte and watch the world go by

I’ve seen some humorous people.

One in particular really stands out, a small presumably homeless woman who changed her stockings in the restaurant then proceeded to apply lipstick while eating pretzels. Another time a I walked in and saw a student sleeping in a comfy armchair. Two hours later when I left he was still there, never moved.

Tonight it is packed. Holiday shopping perhaps? I sit down at a table for four, the only empty spot in the place and watch my Muse flitter about the establishment, traveling from table to table. Listening in on conversations and sniffing drinks.

While I watch her dancing happily about the room a nice young boy (Jewish I think, he was wearing a yarmulke) asks if he can share my table. “Sure, no problem” I respond. I mean what can I say? “Heck no, I’m here to get time away from children, not add another!” So he joins me, at the far end of the table. Within 10 minutes a woman and her two young girls burst in the store yelling about a flat tire and promptly sits her children in the two side chairs next to me and starts them on their homework while she yells into the phone giving AAA directions to her wayward vehicle.

A few minutes later another woman and HER two kids are added to the menagerie, the young boy beats feet outta there and I’m left looking like the person that joined THEIR group instead of the other way around.

It gets better…wait for it….the little imp sitting to my right, where my coffee is….delivers a perfect elbow blow to my Latte covering her homework, her mother’s phone, her arm, the chairs, the floor and a tiny itty bitty bit of my computer with warm…almost hot..liquid magic.

My Muse giggles lightly and and twirls away looking for more amusement, while 15 people (patrons and employees attempt to clean up the sopping mess). A nice lady asked me if I needed a fresh drink, which I of course I accepted, but I’ve yet to see 15 minutes later.

*sigh* Ah….here it is…the Muse must have worked her magic behind the counter. Okay, well…another hour to kill before it is time to pick up my son. What kind of trouble can we get into now?

What say you?

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