Husbands, Marriage and Love


My husband and I have been married 17 years. We are not the couple above, but I hope in 20 years we are. Marriage has its ups and downs….highs and lows……ins and outs……discussions and arguments…smiles and frowns…hugs and kisses and if you are very very lucky LAUGHS.

I read somewhere that love is not a “feeling” but a decision. Once the initial passion (you know that heady feeling you had when you used to spend hours on the phone just listening to each other breathe) fizzles you have to find a strong basis for continuing the relationship.

You CHOOSE to love your husband. You have to reach deep sometimes to recall the exact things that used to endear him to you (strangely enough those very same things may annoy you  now). You have to put yourself aside and put your marriage first. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is better for your kids than having loving parents to observe and one day hopefully, emulate.

Now, to my husband…how I choose to love him, let me count the ways:

  1. He is by far the funniest person I know
  2. He supports my dreams, not only in principle but in application
  3. He is an excellent provider
  4. He is the perfect ying to my yang
  5. He is cuter than a bugs ear
  6. He always washes the dishes
  7. He compliments my cooking, even when it is frozen taquitos
  8. He hugs better than anyone in the world
  9. He loves our children beyond belief
  10. The rest are too personal to list 😀

How much do you love your spouse? Do you choose to love them everyday?

Traditional nuclear families are fading more quickly than you can imagine….it is up to us to keep them alive and well!

I love you K!

What say you?

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