Holiday Parade Fun

ImageRain on our holiday parade?? No way Jose! Even the the Grand Marshall Steve Yeager of the WORLD FAMOUS Los Angeles Dodgers was ready to roll with a big grin! I walked two miles in the misty Southern California rain. Why? To support my six year old jr. cheerleader of course! But first I had to schmooze with the celebrity:Image


Had I known Steve was going to be there I would have brought a ball to sign, alas I had no such forethought..I was too busy concentrating on this: Image

The cutest darn Jr. Cheerleader in the world! What a trooper she was!! There were a few times during our two mile trek that she would give me “the look”. You know “the look” that says “Mama I’m done with this, I’ve squeezed every bit of fun I could out of this situation and I want OUT”. Or worse yet, “Carry me”. 

Yeah that’s what I need, I can barely hobble my middle age body the route let alone tote an additional 45 pounds on top of it. But after all the rain, the exhaustion and death stares we made it!! We were in a parade and we WALKED IT!

Note to self: I must get back into shape. 


What say you?

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