Living MY Life

ImageThere are some days when your blessings are more blatantly apparent than others. Like a flower garden you pass everyday but suddenly take notice of, the blooms seem a little brighter, a little bigger and smell a little sweeter. Today my heart is full and my blessings abundantly present. I am thankful for this respite as I gaze upon my darling children, listen to their stories and songs. 

I wish I could hold on to this feeling forever, unfortunately living gets in the way of life. Time to prioritize and live like the only things that matter are those I hold closest to my heart. Being content is often overlooked in the name of ambition. Not that there is anything wrong with ambition, but if it gets in the way of enjoying what you already have, let it go. Today I choose to let it go………

6 responses to “Living MY Life”

  1. This is a great reminder! I definitely am guilty of letting my ambitions overtake time with my blessings in life.


    1. Take the time to enjoy them today Mary!


  2. This is the second post in a row on taking the time to appreciate what truly matters. I love this message. I recently wrote on it as well. It seems to be a realization that we are all coming to. Be grateful, appreciate those who matter as well as the little things in life. Our responsibilities will still be there but we will be much more enriched and ready to face them when we take time out for the important things and fill our hearts first.

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone. The picture is as beautiful as the message.

    Missy Bell
    http://www.PeaceAndHappiness Project.Com


    1. Thank you for stopping by Missy~ enjoy your blessings!


  3. Thanks for the reminder to recognize and appreciate the abundance of life’s simple offerings!


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