Here’s to Your Health

ImageI’ve been battling a weight problem for six years now, ever since my fifth and last child was born. Since then I’ve watched my weight grow steadily up hill until I reached a number of astronomical proportions. I’m not as brave as some, so I won’t give you the number lest you faint dead away from distress. Suffice it to say, I have to lose 70, SEVENTY, SEVEN-TEE, 70 pounds to reach my goal. Wow, that felt good.

Now, how I am I planning to do this you ask? It’s not like I hadn’t dabbled a bit here and there in  the past to shed this fat. I know I have not succeeded until this point because my state of mind. I read voraciously and I came upon the perfect gem in a comment thread in some forum focused on the juicing vs. blending debate and it was a zinger! It was exactly what I needed to reset the self-talk button in my head. I wish I could quote the writer verbatim and give credit, but I can’t find the thread. Here is what I took from it:

“It really doesn’t matter if you juice or if you blend, the reason we are all here is because humans have learned that they can put anything in their mouth that tastes good, now we are realizing that just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.” 

Amen AMEN I say! 

So back to business, how am *I* going to do this? I’m going whole foods baby. If it has an ingredient list I’m not putting it in my body. I once read somewhere that every journey begins with one step and that a long journey shouldn’t commence without a map. My cyberspace will serve as both. 

I plan on exercising everyday, even if its a quick 20 minutes on the elliptical. My food intake will consist only of whole foods and I will write everyday to clear my mind. 

Anyone interested in taking the journey with me? Here’s to our health!

6 responses to “Here’s to Your Health”

  1. Good luck to you! I’ve just recommitted myself to my own whole foods journey. It’s not that hard to do, but it’s easy to go off the path, just a little bit, then a little more, then a lot. Keep up the great work.


  2. Kelly Cormier Avatar
    Kelly Cormier

    You rock Cyndy!!!! I was blending for quite some time- my quick ‘go food’ in the morning on the way to work. I have realized since I had lost a bunch of weight and gained some back this year, my body and hormones has changed (these strange things happen with age…… imagine that!!) and I need to change my thinking. The breakdown of the fruits and veggies were giving me too much sugar and breaking down the needed fiber. What worked before isn’t working now. So I am headed in the same direction the less ingredients the better (maybe not the extreme you are). Lots of luck my friend!!!!


    1. Kell~
      If you use more veggies than fruit, and make sure you don’t go overboard on the blending (one for a breakfast is awesome!) it shouldn’t do you any harm as long as you stay away from refined foods. Good luck to YOU my dear friend. Good health and long life.


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