Don’t Tell Me it’s “Water” Weight

ImageIt’s day three of my whole foods lifestyle dietary change and I’m down 6 pounds. If anyone tells me it’s “water weight” I’ll poke ’em in the eye with a hot stick!! I know it’s water weight! You don’t have to remind me, I’ve been at this long enough to understand the properties of weight loss. Furthermore, I don’t care if it’s water weight, fire weight, gas weight or whatever weight what matters is that is gone and I’ll never see that number again!!

Lovin’ the positive self-talk, can you tell? Besides the weight loss there are other “non-scale” related successes. I’m not hungry, my cravings are gone, I’m sleeping better and I feel more alert than I usually do. My intake is not perfect, I had some sub-standard peanut butter and farmer’s market jam on a rice cake, but if that is the worst thing I put in my mouth I’m in good shape! 

80% of my daily intake for the last 3 days have consisted of fresh vegetable/fruit juices. I’m sold, however my family is not. They are trying I’ll give them that, after all this is my epiphany, not theirs. I will keep offering it up and refrain from buying the junk and pray that health by osmosis occurs. I’m not above “hiding” super foods either. This recipe my step-mom sent me is a perfect example:

Follow · 24 June 



– 1 ripe banana
– 2 whole eggs

That’s it. Just mix together in a bowl and make sure the banana is all mashed. Then spray your pan with some cooking spray or coconut oil. On a low to medium heat, scoop some of the batter into the pan & give it about 20-30 sec, flip, and done! Serve and eat!

*Some advice would be to make them small so they are easier to flip

Under 250 calories, nearly 14g of protein! No processed anything! These pancakes are gluten free, low calorie. Can be garnished anyway you prefer.

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6 responses to “Don’t Tell Me it’s “Water” Weight”

  1. Oh dear, where do I begin? This is my specialty, having been a dieter for decades. You see, it’s not so hard losing the weight, but for 95% of people they regain it within a few months to a couple of years. And then, unfortunately, they blame themselves for being a failure, not following the diet, and anything else. But the Truth is, that’s the way your body is designed by nature. To keep you at a weight set point.
    I can only encourage you to read on my site so that you don’t fall into the hole that some many others do, and stop dieting immediately!
    My report will give you “the skinny” on why dieting is doomed to failure, and why it’s not your fault.


    1. Thank you Lianda. I know “diets” fail. That is why I call this a lifestyle change. I’m going whole foods, as nature intended, for the rest of my life. So no, I won’t stop. I’ve never felt this good and I never want the feeling to go away. I will never eat processed foods again.


  2. Found your blog via the Ultimate Blog Challenge – and I have to say I loved your recipe and can’t wait to try it! Two ingredients, low calorie, and quick & easy: what’s not to like! Good luck with your water/weight loss!


  3. Who cares what kind of weight you lose initially? You are making the choice to take better care of yourself, and the rest is following, which is awesome.
    We have recently started enjoying the Paleo lifestyle, probably about 75% of the time. I feel great, and when I do a bad slip up, I know it right away. I just don’t even get the cravings anymore.


    1. Thanks Jen!! Paleo is awesome I’m so glad you are doing well!


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