The Idea Man

ImageDo you remember the movie “Night Shift” with Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler? It was about two “average joe’s” who work in a morgue. One of the character’s, played by Michael Keaton, called himself an “idea man”. He walked around the morgue speaking into a personal recorder with every money making invention he could think of. 

One that I recall involved tuna fish. His idea was to mix mayo directly into the can for convenience, he immediately “one-bettered” himself by suggesting you feed the mayo to the fish prior to slaughter and canning (are fish slaughtered?). Anyway, I received a phone call moments ago from my oldest son, now serving in the United States Air Force. 

He called to share an idea. An idea he is very excited about, one that if seen to full fruition, could be life changing. He is a visionary to say the least, a true “idea man”. I can’t share the details, lest you heist his gold nugget of inspiration, but I can tell you this…if ever you see a tuna fish being force fed mayo prior to slaughter, remember that the greatest inventions were first thought ridiculous or unachievable. 

If Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Mark Zuckerberg or Henry Ford didn’t have the courage to work their dreams how would things be different in our world today? Here’s to the “Dreamers of the Dreams”! We will forever benefit from the brilliance and fortitude of those willing to take a chance on an “idea”. 


6 responses to “The Idea Man”

  1. I love this post, especially as a brand strategist who constantly has clients telling me, “I wish I had a tape recorder to capture all of the good idea you just gave me.” What I love most is that your son isn’t just dreaming but he is willing to share his idea because that is what makes it all a reality. I know in my own life when I have shared what I’d like to do, it builds accountability. Good luck to your son (and please thank him for all he does in the military).


    1. Thank you Sherry, for your support and kind words!


  2. Yes, the dreamers have the dreams and take the chances….and they don’t worry about what the world thinks. Because they have the vision that it is something the world will embrace! Thanks for fun post!


    1. My pleasure Gail, thank you for the comment!


  3. Good fortune to your son! I wish him fair winds and following seas (or whatever blessing is appro for the US Air Force, LOL) on his journey from idea to creative process to implementation. If he follows his dream, he only needs to plan 3 steps in advance, adjusting as he steers through the feedback he’ll receive from the fair winds and following seas.
    P.S. Currently living RAF Lakenheath, UK


  4. Love it! I’ve got my Dad’s-blood in me…a dreamer. Dad always told me to “have a dream, have a goal” and go for it. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us and he was my biggest cheerleader. No one encourages me the way he did, and that’s sad. But, I continue with my dreams (as he did), and encourage my own kids to do the same. Best wishes for him on his endeavor, and kudos to you momma for raising an “idea man”! xoxo


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