Mental Illness in the News

Image“Your illness is not your identity, your chemistry is not your character” Pastor Rick Warren stated during his first public sermon since his son took his own life after a long battle with depression. The newscaster stated that Pastor Warren is now working to remove the negative stigma of mental illness and instructed his parish not to be ashamed of that over which they have no control. 

Unfortunately mental illness is sometimes seen as a weakness and a character flaw or a figment of the imagination. Some who suffer are ashamed to seek counseling, or medical attention and have little to no support. In other situations help is sought; treatment prescribed, prayers are lifted, support is given and the battle is still lost.

Mental Illness is no different than cancer, drug addiction, heart disease, diabetes or any debilitating disease. Some cases are more serious than others, some are realized too late, some go untreated and some sufferers will succumb.  Hopefully the loss of Matthew Warren’s precious life will be a catalyst for change. 

In the meantime, continue to lift up the Warren family in prayer as they grieve and heal. 

4 responses to “Mental Illness in the News”

  1. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a child in this manner and to those who struggle with mental illness. My ex has a mental illness that he refuses to acknowledge and be treated for. That was the main reason for the divorce.
    commenting from the UBC


    1. Thank you for stopping by Ruth! I’m sorry that your ex didn’t seek the help he needed. Sometimes you are so clouded by disease that you think it is “normal”. It took me years to realize my feelings and behaviors were not typical.


  2. There was a great article in a recent Oprah magazine about the Icarus Project, a sort of collective started by a woman who went to my college and had bi-polar disorder, to give people suffering from mental illness a community, to know that they are not alone and can get support from each other. Unlike AA and other similar groups, it doesn’t follow a specific philosophy, except to treat people with mental illnesses like human beings. i think isolation is a contributor to a lot of suicides, and feeling understood and valued could make a big difference for someone considering this option.


    1. Thank you for the info Lisa!


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