I Found It!!

ImageI have been crocheting for about four years. I taught myself via “Crocheting for Dummies”. Both of my grandmothers crocheted and I thought it would be a valuable skill both for creativity and relaxation. I’ve made scarves, afghans, place mats, coasters, baby blankets, doll clothes, dog sweaters and bookmarks. 

My scarves and cowls have turned out nicely, my afghans are “so-so” ( I hate the entire blocking process). I’ve been searching for something new and easy to create and possibly sell. Ryan, my second oldest, inadvertently pointed me in the direction of the perfect project!

Ryan is an actor (among other creative things) and needed a piece for his part as a beatnik. We researched and found a wonderful pattern for a beret. I was slightly apprehensive as the instructions included techniques and abbreviations I hadn’t  been exposed to. 

After several “start overs” and less than 3 hours it was DONE. And done so well that I immediately recognized the product as IT. The big IT I’d been searching for. I love making hats and this one was destined to be my signature piece and the inspiration for the name of my Etsy shop: Beatnik Beret Crochet. 

Stop by and follow me for updates as I add to the “Beatnik” collection!


2 responses to “I Found It!!”

  1. I love it! What a great feeling to find your niche! Keep up the great work. It looks awesome! Best wishes to your son as well.

    Missy Bell.


    1. Thank you Missy Bell, thank you for stopping by 😀


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