People’s Convoy 2022: Amarillo by Morning Day 3 February 25, 2002

I am blessed with the opportunity to help a dear friend document her journey from California to Washington DC. She’s driving across the country with her husband in a Convoy over 30 miles long spreading love and a message of freedom from the cab of a truck. My responsibility is to create pretty footage for our fellow patriots to enjoy, using photos and videos she records along the way. My goal is to invoke emotion from the viewer and to offer them a sense of hope and passion for a life defined by freedom, friendship and unity.

Each night since Day 3, I’ve produce a video using the best footage of the day. Here is my first effort, Amarillo by Morning by Mr. George Straight, featuring patriots across the great state of Texas. Photographed by Andrea Traphagan
Produced by Cynthia Peterson
Owner/Operator of Lassen County Proud: Thomas Traphagan
Music: George Straight (I do not own the rights to this music)

Wednesday Wishes

ImageToday I wish for everlasting epidermal elasticity. I turned 45 about a month ago.  Age doesn’t bother me, after all its just a number. I still feel like the same person I was 30 years ago, a goofy teenager with two left feet and an even goofier sense of humor. A little more wisdom for sure, more experience but my “essence” is the same and hopefully I’ll carry it to my grave (I happen to love the am that I am). But my SKIN is getting all…..weird, wiggly. Enough that cosmetic surgery seems much more attractive than I ever thought possible. Then I remembered Kenny Rogers. Is it possible to have just one surgery? A little eye area lift and neck tightening? Or does one surgery lead to a slippery slope in the never ending battle with time and gravity? How do you feel about cosmetic surgery and what would you have done if money, pain and vanity weren’t standing in your way?

Cigarette Butt Hat?

ImageMy husband and I watched the “Movie Awards” for about a fraction of a second. Just long enough to catch the image of a lovely young girl walking across the acceptance stage with a cigarette butt on her head. Why would she choose this look? Is this pro smoking? Anti smoking? Maybe she doesn’t realize it is a cigarette butt and is just thrilled with her unique cranial accessory. I wonder if she will ever wear it again? Do you think it will “go” with anything in her wardrobe? What shoes  do you wear with a cigarette butt hat? What handbag should you use? So many questions…so few answers. Good thing there is only two hats I like to wear and it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes I wear. One is my beat up cowboy hat and the other is a military like cap that I wear at the lake. I’ll never win any awards for uniqueness….but then again I’ll never be seen with a cigarette butt on my head either. 

Holiday Parade Fun

ImageRain on our holiday parade?? No way Jose! Even the the Grand Marshall Steve Yeager of the WORLD FAMOUS Los Angeles Dodgers was ready to roll with a big grin! I walked two miles in the misty Southern California rain. Why? To support my six year old jr. cheerleader of course! But first I had to schmooze with the celebrity:Image


Had I known Steve was going to be there I would have brought a ball to sign, alas I had no such forethought..I was too busy concentrating on this: Image

The cutest darn Jr. Cheerleader in the world! What a trooper she was!! There were a few times during our two mile trek that she would give me “the look”. You know “the look” that says “Mama I’m done with this, I’ve squeezed every bit of fun I could out of this situation and I want OUT”. Or worse yet, “Carry me”. 

Yeah that’s what I need, I can barely hobble my middle age body the route let alone tote an additional 45 pounds on top of it. But after all the rain, the exhaustion and death stares we made it!! We were in a parade and we WALKED IT!

Note to self: I must get back into shape. 


Confuzed by the Muse

Where does she hide? What does she look like? Where does she store all of my innermost thoughts and ideas? How come she is so inaccessible when I most want a visit from her? Does she find pleasure in withholding creativity? Does she delight in my dilemma? Why do I feel so lost when my fingers itch to type but my muse refuses to cooperate? I’ve heard that to best encourage the muse is to ignore her altogether, but then I feel sad and lonely.

Is writers block a symptom of the hidden muse or the cause of it? If I sit and write without her help, what will I produce? Mindless ramblings of muze confuzion no doubt. Perhaps if I ignore her absence long enough and keep clicking away at the keyboard something worthwhile will burst forth. Maybe not. In the meantime, if you see my muse will you send her home please? I’m aching for some inspiration.

How do you, my fellow writers…deal with an absent muse?